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Is Allu Arjun Scared of Pawan Fans?

Is Allu Arjun Scared of Pawan Fans?

Allu Arjun's North America tour didn’t turn out to be a fruitful one as it neither helped DJ collections a wee bit nor has won a good PR for the wannabe Megastar.

In fact reports about Allu Arjun's starry tantrums at the NATS event are all over the media showcasing him in bad light.

A few from the organizing team and the attendees of NATS 2017 say that Allu Arjun acted really weird while passing through crowded areas.

The actor reportedly tried to hide his face and has avoided eye contact with fans/guests as he walked through the lobby. He has allegedly asked his team to ‘cover’ him whenever there is some crowd around.

He neither bothered to wave his hand nor smiled at the fans that were waiting to catch a glimpse of him.

Close observers say that Allu Arjun might have been scared of facing the heat from Pawan Kalyan fans.

He should have been anticipating humiliation from the crowd to shout Powerstar slogans at him, they felt.

Any star would prefer to acknowledge the awaiting fans and crowd when he visits such a huge event. However, Allu Arjun hasn’t spent time at the event and also didn’t click any photographs with his fans.

He has disappointed many kids that were hoping for a photograph with him, said a source. Also there are allegations about him irking the organizers by not coming to the event on time.

People that have witnessed his tantrums are singing praises of other mega heroes like Ram Charan and Pawan Kalyan who were courteous during their America visit.

Oh DJ, what have you done?



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