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Drishyam Is A Hit Because Of Me

It’s the director who has to take responsibility for a film’s success or failure. Now that Drishyam has become an official hit, its director Sree Priya is leaving no opportunity to claim that it is totally because of her.

Incidentally, the film was a huge hit due to Malayalam superstar Mohanlal in Malayalam.

Similarly, in Telugu, many people feel the film is a hit due to Venkatesh. In fact, there is another remark against Drishyam that the film’s making is similar to that of a television serial and that there was no richness in the way it was projected on screen. Yet, the audience got connected to the film.

Now, it is very difficult to say if they liked only the director or the story or the hero. Of course, since film-making is a collective effort, even if Sree Priya decides to take all credit, the part played by hero Venkatesh is undeniable.

Whatever may be the actual reason, the film did touch the hearts of the audience and the entire unit is very happy.



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