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Directors' Negative Propaganda For 'Naayak'

Whenever a big star film arrives, there are two sets of people. One group keeps pumping that the film is a blockbuster while the other keeps pumping that it is a dud. This time, the film on table is ‘Naayak’ and reports are arriving that some directors are doing negative publicity for the film.

As such there is no big motive but it is heard that these directors want ‘Seetamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’ should succeed and ‘Naayak’ should go down. To put it straight, it is an unknown hatred on the latter and unknown love on the first. So, they are saying that ‘Naayak’ has got mindless violence.

Few others are saying there is no story and add that only Jayaprakash Reddy comedy is the thing to watch in the film and nothing else. Though it could be true to an extent but the venom quantity they are spitting on the film is high. There is always the comparison syndrome. More than media it is the directors of the industry who target and slam their own products. The negative talk comes in   high quantity from industry only.