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Controversial Discussion Ended with Rs 30 Lakh Settlement?!

Controversial Discussion Ended with Rs 30 Lakh Settlement?!

The storm of controversy, that seemed to intensify further at one time, has ended suddenly bringing relief to all parties involved. However, rumours are rife about how the person who stirred the controversy went silent.

There are many rumors but two points are primarily being pointed out in Whatsapp groups and social media platforms. 

The first point is that the other party started digging up some nasty secrets of this controversial person. The other party found some messages that this guy sent to girls. If they start digging further this guy will land in further shaming. So he might have given up his fight. 

The other reason doing rounds is that he was lured by money. In today's world 90 per cent of issues can be resolved with the involvement of money.

Rumour is that the other party has settled the issue with Rs 30 lakhs. The nearly month-long TV discussions have come to an end after Rs 30 lakhs were settled.

However, there is another side to this story -- that these two rumors are being spread by the other party whose image has been damaged by this guy. This argument also seems quite valid. 

In this age of rumours and forwarded messages, we can't trust anything at face value.

Whatever be the truth, the whole controversy ending in swift manner and incidents that followed have given more fodder to gossip mongers.



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