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Buzz: Agnyaathavaasi Settlements Soon

Buzz: Agnyaathavaasi Settlements Soon

Disasters are not new to film industry. There have been number of instances where the buyers and distributors have faced huge losses thanks to over expectations.

Then, there is hoping against hope that the film of a big star will somehow pull through thanks to his charisma and that it will have a dream run against all odds. However, when it comes to reality, all hopes come crashing down.

So, in a change of events, Agnyaathavaasi's producer China Babu or K Radhakrishna is contemplating settling all issues with buyers and distributors three weeks after the release date.

Once the calculations regarding the initial investments by buyers and the collections in theatres is done, the producer will sit and discuss the money spent, the money made, final profits made. After this, he will finalise what he can do from his side and close the matter once and for all.

Talk is that he is willing to let go of Rs 15 to 20 crores for sake of buyers. Producer Radhakrishna is known to be an outspoken man in the industry who is known to take care of his buyers.

But in case of Agnyaathavaasi, there is another reason why Radhakrishna wants to close the film's account at the earliest.

Soon, Trivikram's film with NTR in the lead will go on to the sets under Haarika Hassine banner. So Radhakrishna is taking all necessary steps to ensure that NTR does not feel let down by the lukewarm response in the market.

To keep the buyers ready for his next and keep up expectations, Radhakrishna has decided to clear all monetary obligations in three weeks.



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