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Actress Changes Her Boozing Habits!

Actress Changes Her Boozing Habits!

She is one of the most talented actresses in South India. When it comes to acting skills, no actress would come close to her in today's generation, say critics and moviemakers alike.

Precisely thats why she always bags plum projects and big-hero movies despite the fact that she is not a stunner on looks department. 

The reason we are talking about her is not about her performance but her changed professional behaviour.

Although she is raved by all the filmmakers who had worked with her, one general complaint they have is her bad personal habit.

This talented actress used to come to the morning shoots very late. It was because she always indulges in late night parties that include booze.

Due to this, she used to wake up very late. Either she used to miss morning shoots or would reach the location late. 

She lost many offers in the last one year for this reason. But sources close to her say, she has changed now and has cut down this bad habit and has now become quite professional.

No wonder that she immediately got a chance to pair up with a young actor again.



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