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Young Tollywood Hero Rejects 40 Cr Offer?

Young Tollywood Hero Rejects 40 Cr Offer?

Recent release Dear Comrade will be remade in Hindi by Karan Johar. But here’s the PR story being cooked up by the hero’s team. 

Apparently, Karan Johar had acquired the Hindi remake rights to ‘Dear Comrade’ for Rs 6 crore even before watching the original. Quite possible! But here’s the fantasy part.

Vijay Devarakonda turned down an offer for Rs 40 crore from Karan Johar for starring in the Hindi version.

Who in their right mind would offer Rs 40 crore to a debutant to star in a film when the original’s version’s collections are not even half of the quoted figure? And which hero in his right mind will turn down ‘the deal of his career’?

But such are the PR stories being planted to notch up the craze for this hero.

Stardom comes from the kinds of scripts we do, not from false PR.

At least, we can be thankful that they did not say Karan Johar offered Rs 40 crore to the hero of ‘Dorasani’ to play the lead role in the Hindi version of ‘Dorasani’.

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