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Producers Sideline Director Harish Shankar

Producers Sideline Director Harish Shankar

Director Harish Shankar’s over-enthusiasm to involve in matters related to “Valmiki” has put him in a spot. The producers had to rein in to take the matters in their hands.

The producers of 14 Reels Plus have been dealing with the Mythri Makers to avoid a direct clash between their two films “Gang Leader” and “Valmiki” but Harish Shankar was adamant of sticking to September 13 release. 

But senior producers like Dil Raju have advised them to avoid a clash at any cost. After many backdoor dealings, makers of both movies have come to an understanding to avoid direct competition.

As per the agreement, the producers of “Valmiki” have told Harish Shankar bluntly not to involve in trade and business matters. 

Only after settling the remuneration for Harish Shankar, the producers have taken the matter in their hands and have confirmed their new release date – September 20.

Harish Shankar is now not involving in promotions and business deals. The producers are deciding everything. 

He is now focusing on post-production, cutting the trailer and other creative parts. He is good in the creative department, why should he interfere in the producer’s job?


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