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Prabhas Said 'No' To Kalki Event In Amaravathi

Prabhas Said 'No' To Kalki Event In Amaravathi

There has been a plan to conduct the pre-release event of Kalki 2898 AD in Amaravathi.

Aswini Dutt, the producer of the film, has long-standing plans to do so as the TDP has come to power in Andhra Pradesh. He wanted to do this as a boost to the image of the new capital of the state. 

But as per the inside reports, Prabhas said a firm 'no' to this proposal as he is concerned that the film and himself get political color, which is detrimental amidst fan fares.

So he advised not to do any such show in Amaravathi and suggested conducting it only in Hyderabad.

If the producer is serious about conducting only in Amaravathi, he implies that he would be absent from such an event. 

So as there was no other chance, heeding the interest of Prabhas, the production company cancelled the event in Amaravathi.

When asked the reason, they are saying that they are worried about the monsoon season and that rains may affect the event badly as the place has no necessary infrastructure.


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