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No One Wants Srinu Vaitla Now

No One Wants Srinu Vaitla Now

There was a time when Srinu Vaitla was on top. When Dookudu happened, he was literally chased by one and all. He was called the director with Midas touch and he too made films that were high on comedy.

Then Aagadu happened and everything went for a toss. He was suddenly not so wanted. But some people still had confidence in him and he went on to make Bruce Lee.

Well, as they say the rest is history. Once Bruce Lee released, even his staunch supporters say it is the end of Srinu Vaitla.

Now, no star wants to work with him and talk is that the producers who were once chasing him are now asking for the advance to be returned.

Meanwhile, Vaitla is keen on making a film on the lines of Ready, but no producer is coming forward to make a film with him.

In the past, he struck back with Dhee. So his only way out will be to make another hit on the lines of Dhee.



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