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Mega Hero Didn't Return The Advance

Mega Hero Didn't Return The Advance

Generally producers run behind heroes and pay advances. They don't mind waiting for years to get the hero's blessings.

But sometimes, when the film doesn't materialize, heroes return the advances. That's an ethical process. 

But a small mega hero didn't return the advance of Rs 25 lakh to a producer and above that alleging that he lost an opportunity because of his proposal.

A small-time producer planned a film with this hero on a big banner. But the hero started demanding technicians like Devi Sri Prasad and some ace cinematographer.

As the film is becoming expensive, the big banner dropped the idea to move ahead. But by then, the producer paid Rs 25 lakh as an advance to the hero and Rs 10 lakh for the banner.

As the big banner dropped the idea, the producer tried by other means but finally decided to stop pursuing further.

When the producers asked the hero to pay back his Rs 25 lakh, he denied and said that he already had lost an opportunity due to this proposal. So this producer lost his money and is now meeting some people seeking justice.

The mega camp that is known for its brand image is losing its sheen because of these greedy young men in its family.


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