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Mahesh Babu Fires These Fight Masters?

Mahesh Babu Fires These Fight Masters?

The only hot gossip in the industry at present is about the fight masters whom Mahesh Babu hates.

This was leaked as the scheduled fight shoot in Annapurna Studios for the Mahesh-Trivikram film was called off all of a sudden. The fight masters packed up and left the place swiftly.

The film started with a heavy action sequence. This episode is designed to shoot a part in indoor sets of Annapurna and the remaining in the outdoor sets of Ramoji Film City. 

Ambu-Arivu, the famous fight masters who worked for the films like KGF and Vikram were hired. These twin brothers are the costly fight masters in India now.

They are very expensive with their paraphernalia like a personal chef and a chauffeur driven car for him. Entire cost of their food and the fee for the chef has to be borne by the producer only.

Many say that Mahesh is not a fighting material. He is not a hot favorite for any fight amster. He is sensitive to the Sun and hardly invests time and energy in heavy action scenes.

Even during the Maharshi shoot, he complained about the heat and immediately a cattle shed set was erected in the AC floor.

Coming back to the rumor, the shoot was abruptly stopped as Mahesh Babu expressed his displeasure towards the fight masters.

But the insiders say that there is no truth in this gossip and the shooting was wrapped up as the work was completed very fast.

They also said that Mahesh Babu's part is over and the unit has planned to shoot with other fighters later. But there is no answer why the shoot in RFC was also cancelled.


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