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Is Pooja Hegde Circulating Gossips?

Is Pooja Hegde Circulating Gossips?

There seems to be a detrimental culture prevailing in Bollywood where heroines resort to certain tactics to maintain constant media attention.

When movies underperform such measures are often taken to stir up interest.

Engaging in relationships, securing roles in major films, spreading accident rumors, fueling plastic surgery speculations and participating in provocative photoshoots are among these tactics.

Questions are arising about whether Pooja Hegde is  adopting these methods now.

Speculations surrounding her have been abundant lately with a stream of rumors continuously surfacing.

The primary concern is whether she herself is orchestrating these rumors to stay in the spotlight or if they are spreading organically.

Several photos purportedly depicting Pooja Hegde with her boyfriend have gone viral, garnering attention for two days.

Subsequently, rumors circulated that she had invested around 50 crores in a property in Mumbai. Shortly after, there was gossip about her receiving an offer for a major role in a South Indian film.

In this manner, news regarding Pooja Hegde is circulating at frequent intervals.

Despite her lack of current film projects, she consistently remains in the public eye due to these speculations.

Regardless of whether the hype surrounding her is genuine or cooked up, it appears that Pooja has accomplished her objective.


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