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Hush-Hush: Star Producer Gifts A Luxury Flat To Girlfriend

Hush-Hush: Star Producer Gifts A Luxury Flat To Girlfriend

The star producer in question has a ‘Gentleman’ image in the industry. He is one of the most important people in Telugu cinema.

He maintains a very clean image on his movie sets and also at his office, but there is another side to him. Very few people know about his affair with an upcoming Telugu actress who is half his age.

He used to maintain it secretly before, but he is not so secretive about the affair lately as he is answerable to none.

As per grapevine, he has recently bought a luxury flat for his girlfriend in a posh locality in Hyderabad. He gifted a flat to her earlier too. He is showering her with costly gifts all the time.

The struggling actress used to run after production offices before, but she is not so desperate about her career anymore.

The producer is a gambling addict too and spends a lot of time in top casinos in USA.

Being occupied with many extracurricular activities the producer of late is too busy to spend time on his projects. 



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