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Buzz: Senior Hero's Anger Hiked Up Actress' Remuneration

Buzz: Senior Hero's Anger Hiked Up Actress' Remuneration

Top male actors hike up their remunerations for every movie. But heroines don’t have the luxury of demanding more. But a smart actress played her game well and is getting more than she wanted.

When a leading actress asked Rs 2 crore to play a key role in an upcoming biggie, the movie’s hero scolded the producers for agreeing to her demand.

The hero reasoned that she is not even getting such an amount when she plays the lead heroine and how can you pay such an amount for a sister's role, he argued.

So, the producers put their decision aside and kept looking for other options. Meanwhile, the first wave and the second wave of corona ate away the time. 

Two years later, the makers could not find the perfect actress to play this role. Because other leading actresses have turned down the offer to play such a role in the senior hero’s movie.

With no other choice, the producers approached the first actress again, and this time she demanded more. 

The actress is getting a fancy amount than what she had demanded earlier. Sources say that it is almost close to 3 Cr now.

The senior hero also got convinced that she can be the only right choice. Her patience paid rich dividends. The producers lost more money listening to the hero’s advice.

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