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Buzz: Naga Chaitanya Walked Out From The Theatre

Buzz: Naga Chaitanya Walked Out From The Theatre

It is evident that certain situations can place celebrities in uncomfortable positions.

Whether due to an overlooked matter of concern or sheer negligence, Naga Chaitanya found himself perturbed and chose to leave a theater.

Here are the particulars: Naga Chaitanya was in attendance at the premiere screening of the Kannada-dubbed film 'Boys Hostel.' During the intermission, the trailer for "Khushi" was screened. 

It is worth noting that Samantha partakes in romantic scenes alongside Vijay Deverakonda in this particular film. The trailer has already sparked the interest of fans, with the music earning widespread adoration. 

With just under a week remaining until its official release, the trailer was presented, and Naga Chaitanya supposedly felt disconcerted while viewing it. He departed from the theater promptly after the screening of the "Khushi" trailer took place.

It is known that Naga Chaitanya is the former husband of Samantha, and their separation was attributed to tumultuous compatibility issues.


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