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Buzz: Director's Bold Affair With Lady Fan

Buzz: Director's Bold Affair With Lady Fan

It is common to see fans for writers, directors and actors. Some fans forget themselves and cross the borders in expressing their fascination for someone they admire.

One such lady fan has approached a Tollywood director and spent many hours together. 

The lady has come from abroad, met the director and stayed in a hotel for more than a month in Hyderabad. There are gossips that the both were seen several times in the same hotel. 

Like some of the film folks even this director has madness for women and that was quenched this way, say sources. 

But the director also should know that there are many honey traps going around and so nothing can be taken for granted. The respect once gone in this aspect will never come back. 

Beware directors! It is legally ok when two consensual adults spend time together but when it is a trap or something goes wrong with the relationship, the repercussions will be severe both in personal and professional lives.

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