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Weekly horoscope: Astrology predictions for this week

Weekly horoscope: Astrology predictions for this week

Weekly Horoscope June 16 to June 22, 2019: Know weekly astrology predictions for all zodiac signs

Aries (21st Mar – 20th Apr): Important information received now may surprise you. New assignments will be completed successfully. Health issues may trouble you, however you will recover in a short while. There could be possibility of buying property at this phase. You are likely to plan picnics with your dear ones. Some of you are likely to visit holy places. Your efforts to increase profits in current business will be fruitful. Unexpected long-distance travel is indicating for business people. Domestic issues may annoy you. Negligence may lead to loss of money. 

Taurus (21st Apr – 21st May): Current assignments will be completed with slight delay. You will spend time with your friends and share your emotions. Your interest to start something own will be fulfilled with fewer efforts. Invitations will be received from distant relatives. Women are likely to buy expensive things for their house. Tricksters around you may trouble you in many ways, but you will face them efficiently with ease. Employees will get good encouragement at work place. Marked achievements are possible in professional life.

Gemini (22nd May – 22nd Jun): You will reminisce your childhood incidents and enjoy delightful moments. Fiscal dealings will be fruitful. Every one will sing praises for your achievements in current tasks. Participating in divine deeds will keep you in good spirits. Elder people may share their spiritual wisdom with you.  You will take some important decisions in domestic matters. Employees will fight for the changes at work place and will be succeeded in their attempts. Your self-confidence and determination turn your dreams into reality. 

Cancer (23rd Jun - 22nd Jul): Disappointments in few assignments are likely. Your apprehensiveness may lead to unnecessary worries. There could be heated discussions with family members also. Don’t lose your temper. New contracts may get cancelled in the last moment. Unemployed are advised not to take any risks at this juncture. Employees may have hectic work schedule. Work pressure may also increase to the people in professional fields. Work hard with patience and forethought. 

Leo (23rd Jul – 22nd Aug): Some incidents may surprise you. There could be a slight progress in your financial position, better to plan wisely while spending each penny. Your efforts will slow down in new projects. You are likely to perform auspicious ceremonies at home. Favorable time to fulfill your wishes. Employees will find ways to update themselves to grow in professional career. You are prepared to work hard and will show determination to see your vision carried out. Creative field people will get opportunity to fly abroad. 

Virgo (23rd Aug – 22nd Sep): You will be able to complete few tasks with the help and support of your relatives and friends. You will share harmonious moments with your dear ones. Influential contacts will develop. Those who are planning to buy property may do so. Independent entrepreneurs will get good projects. In this competitive spirit, you may go to great lengths to achieve victory. Employees are likely to share their experiences with the newly joined or younger ones at work. You will motivate people effectively. 

Libra (23rd Sep – 22nd Oct): Dreams will come true for the unemployed. You will succeed in implementing thoughts into action. Those who have financial loans will be able to clear off right now. Your position in the society will increase. Your counterpart’s wrong decisions will benefit you indirectly. Business people will now be able to implement new strategies in their dealings. New approaches, new ideas will certainly help them in achieving good profits. Employees are likely to be promoted to higher positions.  Domestic disputes may cause mental worries. 

Scorpio (23rd Oct – 22nd Nov): Overconfidence in few matters may lead to mistakes. Arguments with relatives are likely. Don’t lose your mental balance when situations are not favorable. Be tranquil and patient for some time. Delay in important projects may annoy you. People may betray you if, you blindly start believing everything, it could be your friends also. There may not be much progress in business dealings at this phase. Share what you have as there is always someone who needs it. This generosity does not have to be fiscal, of course a listening ear, moral or spiritual support. 

Sagittarius (23rd Nov – 22nd Dec): Important information will be received from distant places. You are likely to attend auspicious ceremonies with your family. Name and fame in the society will increase. Students will get good opportunities to excel in their education. Free lancers will get new assignments. There could be some disturbances in property matters. Avoid unhealthy and untimely foods. Overindulging in social parties may upset you badly. You will understand your own limitations but will be optimistic at the same time. 

Capricorn (23rd Dec – 22nd Jan): Your intuition will work at this juncture and prove to be successful. Financial gains are indicating. New projects taken at this juncture will run smoothly without any hindrance. You will discuss few important matters with your childhood friends. Good progress is indicating for the employees. Success will only come by maintaining high moral standards. Although intense and full of change, this phase leads to good personal and professional advancement. Those in creative field are likely to face some tricky moments in their profession. 

Aquarius (23rd Jan - 22nd Feb): You will finish all the works with great enthusiasm. Your relatives may seek your advice and help in their personal matters. They may also request you to lead the important ceremonies. Relationships will benefit from your openness and honesty. Increased charm, and popularity makes socializing more enjoyable. Some nagging issues will be resolved at this phase. Single are likely to get good marriage proposals. Mutual respect and understanding can lead to very successful personal and business partnerships. Take care of expensive items. 

Pisces (23rd Feb – 20th Mar): Unemployed may have to put more efforts to find a right job. Unstable thoughts may disturb your routine. Time to use your inherent talents and make best use of them. You will dedicate time for spiritual activities. Unnecessary expenditure is apparently indicating. Auspicious ceremonies at home may get postponed in last moment. Employees will be relieved from work stress at this phase. Efforts of the people in research fields will get success and recognition. Disturbances in domestic matters are apparently indicating. 

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