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T.A.T.A takes initiative on Educating the Students and Professionals

T.A.T.A takes initiative on Educating the Students and Professionals

Life is too precious to let go off easily. Live wisely and ensure the loved ones do not take the pain missing you!

The below article is intended for all the Indian origins and for the mainstream Americans in general on the safety when being around water bodies.

While drowning is one of the leading cause of deaths worldwide, an estimated 372,000 lose their life each year. Drowning is a serious and neglected public health threat, this death threat is almost two thirds that of malnutrition – but unlike other public health challenges, there are no broad prevention efforts that target drowning.

As the reader maybe aware, we have seen a rise in the recent spate of accidental deaths relating to drowning in lakes, rivers and seas. This could be attributed to more Indian origin in the United States or due to the increased media awareness. However, one thing is certain, the accidental deaths ARE happening. Thus, without concocted thinking and with a presence of mind, one needs to understand they are at the mercy of Mother nature. No one in this world, I repeat no one is superior than the Mother nature!

One may say, I am an experienced swimmer and water is my friend, but alas! this notion or theory is completely false. Swimming in the wells back home or in the rivers was different. The physical body composition, the surroundings and aspects such us water currents are entirely different. And the biggest difference is the loved ones are far away!

Each of us came to this country with a dream, a dream to make it big and to make the near ones proud of our achievements, why then venture out to water bodies? Ironically there are reports of multiple accidental deaths at the same location. Take for instance Lake Grapevine in Dallas notorious of drowning deaths, Turner Falls in Oklahoma, Crater lake in CA, Livermore River park, CA. Despite knowing these are notorious for deaths people still go to these locations.

Turner Falls, OK alone saw 1 death in July, 2 deaths in August and 1 death in September. As Indian community we need to bring awareness to the Indian origin people to avoid going to such places and invite unwarranted misfortune to self or to the loved ones.

Telangana American Telugu Association is actively conducting sessions and assisting those in distress in such situations. The Chair of the Advisory Council Dr. Pailla Malla Reddy and President Vikram Jangam have extended their unconditional support and promised to undertake educating the community-at-large!

A series of webinars will be announced soon to educate and propagate the importance of safety.

Finally remember not, what is important to you, but remind yourself of what is best for your family!

Mahesh Adibhatla
Executive Director, T.A.T.A

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