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TANA- A Disastrous 2nd Day In Philadelphia

TANA- A Disastrous 2nd Day In Philadelphia

Regardless of the circumstances, the quality, quantity, and organization of food play a significant role in any event. Furthermore, when participants pay for their food tickets, the responsibility of ensuring sufficient food for everyone falls even more heavily on the organizers.

The prestigious TANA event in Philadelphia garnered an overwhelming response, with a large number of attendees purchasing tickets. Although some donor passes were distributed, the majority of attendees paid for their tickets that included entertainment and food. 

Unfortunately, the second day of the event turned into a complete disaster, as there was an inadequate amount of food available, leaving many guests hungry despite having paid substantial amounts for their tickets, which were supposed to include meals.

Guests who had connections with the main organizers were able to receive information about the food shortage and managed to eat early, but the general public, who were situated farther back, did not receive any food.

To make matters worse, security personnel resorted to using force to push out people who were entering the dining zone, by shouting "lunch is over". This chaotic situation occurred during both lunch and dinner times.

The TANA organizers' sheer mismanagement of the food arrangements has been strongly criticized by thousands of people in attendance.

On the other hand, someone on behalf of organizers mentioned that it is humanly impossible to cater to such a large overwhelming crowd with limited manpower and expertise. Hearing this explanation only fueled the attendees' anger, leading them to question why the event was conducted despite the lack of necessary expertise and administrative abilities.

Apart from this a disgraceful scene took place qt the same venue where the two groups of Paruchuri and Satish Vemana fought hand in hand using filthy language in the presence of TDP NRI President Komati Jayaram much to thr shock of thousands of Telugus who attended the event.

Is this the culture the Telugu leadership at TANA projects? The event is completely filled with power mongering and attention seeking individuals like these, lamanted some guests.

Overall, the second day of the TANA event can be deemed a disastrous occurrence, and it remains to be seen if any improvements or corrections will be made for the final day.


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