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'Successful Mahanadu Hosted in Dallas, TX'

'Successful Mahanadu Hosted in Dallas, TX'

Telugu Desam party has lots of followers all over the world.  Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao, a matinee idol and movie Super Star started Telugu Desam party in 1982 and came to power in 1983.

A remarkable journey started there off. EAMCET was introduced in Andhra Pradesh and making it possible for poor students to pursue higher education. NTRs style of administration is vastly different from his predecessors and this created a big impact among the then 6 crore Telugu population.

It may be 2 Rs KG Rice scheme, or an horsepower of power for 50 Rupees, or giving equal property share to girl child, forming first every women university for upliftment of women, abolishing devadasi system or Patel Patwari system etc. All his decisions are remarkable and has helped or influenced 90% of the common Telugu people.

Every year, NTRs birthday on May 27 and May 28th is celebrated by Telugu Desam Party as Mahanadu. NTR fans and Telugu Desam party sympathisers all over the world celebrate this event.

Dallas has been hosting the Mahanadu for 10 years and has been always in the forefront in supporting Telugu Desam events in USA. Telugu Desam has support and respect from a lot of telugu speaking NRIs and wanted to host Mahanadu in a grand scale.

An idea, which did not have any precedent was conceived and a special request was sent to India to get the go-ahead from Indian Telugu Desam National Leadership.

The go-ahead came in 2 days and Dallas team formed various committees to spearhead the planning and execution of Mahanadu in Dallas on May, 27th and May 28th, 2018.

Telugu Desam party has sent Minister for Education and Human Resource Development Mr. Ganta Srinivas Rao, Rajya Sabha MP, CM Ramesh, and Ex-Minister and TTD Board Director E. Peddi Reddy, Kanigiri MLA, Kadiri Baburao along with other dignitaries to preside over the event.

Mr. Jayram Komati, AP special representative co-ordinated the event along with Satish Vemana, TANA President and Mohan Krishna Mannava, NATS President.

Its interesting to observe that the leaders attended are from 3 different regions of the old Andhra Pradesh, Ganta Srinivas Rao from Visakhapatnam, CM Ramesh from Rayalaseema, and E. PeddiReddy from Telangana.

The successful event was attended by 1500 people from various cities of America. Dallas Mahanadu was modelled on Indian Main Mahanadu. All the cities of USA, Atlanta, Austin, Bay Area, Charlotte, Dallas, Detroit, Washington DC, New Jersey, etc., presented their city activities to the dignitaries.

The successful event had a total of 25 teermanams discussed in detail, related to Amaravathi capital, Polavaram Project, Pattiseema Project, IT and its involvement, Water improvement, Farmers upliftment, women involvement in politics and empowerment etc.

Ganta Srinivas Rao, while addressing the meeting spoke in detail about the current situations in the State. He rubbished the talk that TDP needs support from BJP or Janasena and pointed out that TDP has unanimously won all the local body elections held a month before the 2014 General elections.

Ganta Srinivas Rao talked in length the requirements of people and education department. He praised the effective handling of digitization of public schools and seeked support from NR Telugu Desam in the upcoming General Elections.

CM Ramesh, went in depth about the parliament proceedings during the special status demands and pointed out that Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu has visited Delhi 29 times requesting that the needs of Andhra Pradesh be addressed and make sure that the state is in the progressive state. After 4 years of BJP not meeting any demands and refusing to help Andhra Pradesh, State did not have any option but to withdraw from Central Government.

CM Ramesh pointed out the facts that both the opposition leaders are criticizing Telugu Desam party, while the demand is pending in Central government. CM Ramesh was successful in exposing the defects of the opposition, as they lack focus and are not focused on the benefits of Andhra Pradesh.

E Peddi Reddy, talking on Telangana state politics conveyed that, Telugu Desam has a very big cadre in Telangana state and is working as a team to focus on future growth of Telangana. Telangana people have been focusing on the development works of Andhra Pradesh and are comparing the Telangana Government with Andhra Pradesh Government. 

E Peddi Reddy, talked about the financial state of Telangana before Telugu Desam and compared it with the current state, with respect to the schools, farmers state, irrigation projects, and economic growth in Telangana during CBN government.

E Peddi Reddy felt that, Andhra Pradesh is a new state and central government has sanctioned special status to Andhra Pradesh. The central government should upheld the decision and continue with the Government process.

Ganta Srinivas Rao and CM Ramesh on May 28th talked in detail about their association with Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao and propositioned that a special National committee for America and State/City based committees be formed for Telugu Desam supporters in USA.

This committee will help in aligning the US party supporters with Indian Party Leadership and will be beneficial for the greater interests of the Telugu Desam Party.

Kadiri Babu Rao, MLA and E. Peddi Reddy have approved the proposition and assured that the committees will be formed and he will follow it up with National Team in Andhra Pradesh.

Dallas Mahanadu 2018 raised about $5000, which includes donations and matching fund from NRTDP.  As per NTFB calculations, for every $1 raised, they can serve 3 meals.  The raised fund is sufficient for 15000 meals.

North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) is a hunger relief organization and one of the largest North Texas charity. NTFB serves Dallas and 12 surrounding counties.

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