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Small Country Sees Highest Post Vaccine Positives

Small Country Sees Highest Post Vaccine Positives

Seychelles, a small archipelago of 115 islands of East Africa is seeing a huge surge of post-vaccination positive cases of Covid-19. 

As per the official records the nation has given  Sinopharm Vaccine to 57% of the nation's population while the remaining received Covieshield, made in India. 

But surprisingly the active positive cases have doubled in the last one week ringing alarms in the health department of the archipelago. 

Responding to this, WHO said that it is too early to conclude about the vaccine failure without a detailed assessment. 

The Health Ministry representatives of Seychelles said that out of the infected lot in the last week, 37% have received two doses of the vaccine. One good news is that no one among the vaccinated lot died until now despite infection. 

A source from East Africa says that the B.1.351 variant of Coronavirus is seen in Seychelles and probably the Covieshield is not effective against that. 

On the other hand, the popular holiday destination Maldives is also seeing some rise in the new positive cases again. Active cases are increasing day by day. 

A citizen of East Africa says, "Though infected even after the vaccination, the efficacy of the vaccine should save our lives".

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