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Save the future of 150 under privileged kids!

Save the future of 150 under privileged kids!

Future of 150 underprivileged kids is at stake! A 20-year-old school (SRI SATYA SAI EDUCATIONAL & SERVICE SOCIETY / Society no.705 of 1993) educating 150 underprivileged students in a small town in Nuzvid, A.P, India is at the risk of closing down, which will potentially leave these students stranded!

SATYA SAI EDUCATIONAL & SERVICE SOCIETY school was established in 1993 with the help of devotees from Satya Sai Samithi, Nuzvid. Devotees from the Samithi (major contributors being Mr. Perla Someswara Rao & Mr. Boppana Verriah) have pooled in money, purchased an old structure and improvised it to make it a school premise.

The school was established with a purpose of educating the underprivileged kids primarily serving to the kids whose parents were daily laborer’s, disabled or not in a position who can send their kids to school.

For last twenty years, this school has been running on the interest earned from the lump sum amount that was deposited in 1993 and various other donors who helped in contributing towards the maintenance of the school.

As years passed by, the school expenses have increased due to inflation, therefore the interest on the fixed deposit no longer suffices, as a result, the money from the fixed deposit depleted.

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This school provides the necessary education material, clothing and etc that are needed for these kids. However, due to lack funds, from past couple years, it cut back on benefits such as providing school uniforms.

With no major funding, this school is on the verge of closing down which will leave more than 150 underprivileged kids stranded.

Please donate to the school via and save the future of these underprivileged kids.

We are now physically verified and recognized by the central government of India as a non-profit organization.

As a result, we received approval from the central government to accept donations from foreign sources (FCRA Certified). It was a long process but appreciate the transparent, no-bribing FCRA certification process.

For more details such as Pics, Non-Profit Certification, etc., refer to this link

For any further info needed, please do not hesitate to contact Mr.Vijay (USA) - (858-337-3903) or Mr.Eswar -

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