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'Options on OPT'

'Options on OPT'

Once upon a time United States was a mecca for International Students. Students on OPT could find full time jobs through campus fairs or by applying directly to employers. The other alternative was to join an IT consulting company.

Due to H-1B Level 2 wages by USCIS it is very difficult to find employers who will hire an international student on OPT and sponsor their H-1B visa. Companies need to pay Eighty to Hundred thousand in salaries to hire OPT students and sponsor their H-1B under H-1B Level 2 wages.

Benefits like health insurance, immigration costs and H-1B government fees cost another twenty thousand dollars and companies are reluctant to spend this much money unless the OPT student is very exceptional academically or has previous full-time work experience.

There are a few options for these OPT students who cannot find an employer who will sponsor their H-1B. One can join a master’s Program which issues day one CPT. This allows the student to join another master’s program and continue their work authorization after OPT.

Students can join a doctorate program and obtain OPT and STEM extension also if the doctorate program is in a STEM field. PhD is not the only doctorate program available. Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) and Doctorate in Information Technology (DIT) are popular doctorate programs offered by reputed private universities.

MBA students can try for J1 visa if they find a hotel manager job in hotels and motels. Students can apply for PhD to Canada universities in Nova Scotia and other provinces which grant permanent residency to PhD students who obtain one-year Canadian work experience under the Provincial Nominee Program.

International students who have completed master’s degree or higher in USA and have previous full-time work experience after bachelor’s Degree can apply for Permanent Residency to Canada directly.

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