Ready-to-eat Maharashtrian Seafood and Meat

Ready-to-eat Maharashtrian Seafood and Meat

Discover the essence of Maharashtra in the comfort of your own kitchen with our range of ready-to-eat Maharashtrian Seafood and Meat products. Ready to be devoured by simply cooking or frying.

Offering huge range of food from marinated fishes to cooked curries, spoil yourself with these heavenly Maharashtrian dishes.

Our curated sea-food and meat offering includes dishes like:

- Marinated Pomfret
- Marinated Surmai
- Marinated Shrimp
- Traditional Saoji Chicken Curry
- Traditional Saoji Mutton Curry
- Kolhapuri Chicken Curry

Anyone in a foreign land always yearns that comfort food made by their mothers, grandmothers and wives in the home kitchen that reflect their lifestyle, spice and flavors. The kitchens in India have been the holy ground where cuisine has been handed down through generations and culture has been sustained.

It is this love affair, for being a pioneer in authentic Maharashtrian cuisine, that brought us together to start our eatery venture Mejwaani. Literally translated as a ‘feast’, Mejwaani aspires to bring homestyle, hygienic and bespoke dishes, that is such a difference from the popularized Indian dishes imminent in the menus of many eateries around.

For a Maharashtrian in America there is still a flavor gap – Maharashtrian cuisine is not just your Vada Paav, Poha and Misal. It is much deep rooted with an abundant choice of vegetarian, meat and sea food options and various spice and heat levels that make up the state’s cuisine palette.

Our loyal Maharashtrian and other Indian and local clientele flock here to try our specialties customized to their tastes; something we have been able to sustain and satiate than outgrowing ourselves with volume orders where that taste gets lost.

When the food is made with love, the flavors are always hearty and effort is always honest. Our humility and pride to celebrate the flavors and tastes from the great state of Maharashtra is what makes us come to work everyday and put a smile of the faces of our patrons!

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