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    'Ragini MMS 2': Just Porn Horror
    Bhadram Review: Chills, but fails to thrill
    'Raja Rani' Review: Marital Woes
    The film made by director Atli has been well-received in Tamil. Itís the second film that stars Nayanatara and Arya. Though many had wanted to remake the film, this is the dubbed version.
    'Gulaab Gang' Review: Chick Flick with a social conscience
    Women in pink sarees dot the lush rural landscape. They want revenge. Men, all raunchy paunchy rapists, leery bribe seekers and rowdy merry makers, get their comeuppance in the hands of these pink ladies armed with sickles, sticks, knives and gumption.
    'BKP' Review: This Bird Does Not Lay The Golden Egg
    The trailer of this Swati-Navadeep starrer looked promising and one felt that director Raj Pippalla will manage to a hit with Bangaru Kodi Petta. Letís check out if this Boni director managed to hit the bullís eye
    'Basanti' Review: More Fragrance Required
    Basanti Review Brahmanandamís son Goutham attempted twice to become a hero but it didnít work. This time he has teamed up with Chaitanya Dantuluri who made the critically acclaimed ĎBaanamí. Let us see if this attempt is successful.
    'Bheemavaram Bullodu' Review: 1980s Stuff!
    Bheemavaram Bullodu Telugu Review: After scoring a dud with ĎMr Pellikodukuí, Sunil is back and this time he is more confident with this rom-com. With a big banner like Suresh productions on his head, let us see if it was good enough.
    'Aaha Kalyanam' Review: No 'Aaha'- Just Kalyanam!
    Nani Aaha Kalyanam Review, Aaha Kalyanam Review, Nani Aaha Kalyanam Review
    Hum Tum Review: Torture Unlimited
    Hum Tum Review, Hum Tum Telugu Review, Hum Tum Rating and Review
    'Paisa' Review: It's Like Rupee Value
    Paisa Review | Paisa Movie Review | Paisa Rating | Nani Paisa Review | Paisa Telugu Movie Review | Paisa Telugu Movie Review | Paisa Krishna Vamsi Review
    'PPT' Review: Nartanasala 2014
    'Heart Attack' Review: Just A Mild Stroke
    Hero Nithiin who is on the verge of hat trick has teamed up with director Puri Jagannadh who is in desperate need of a hit. Has this combination worked?
    'Minugurulu' Review: Heart Touching
    'Emo Gurram Egaravachchu' Review: Hard To Fly
    After going through a series of flops, hero Sumanth has teamed up with message oriented director Chandra Siddhartha. Let us see if their combination has yielded any good result or not.
    'Love U Bangaram': No Love...Only Lust
    The moment one sees Maruthiís name on a film, it alerts the hardcore masses because they know that they are in for some visual treat and crappy dialogues which exhibit perversion and sexual lust in good quantity.