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F3 Review: 'F'arce Comedy With 'F'un And 'F'ashion

F3 Review: 'F'arce Comedy With 'F'un And 'F'ashion

Movie: F3
Rating: 2.75/5
Venkatesh, Varun Tej, Tamannah, Mehreen Pirzada, Sunil, Sonal Chouhan, Vennela Kishore, Rajendra Prasad etc
Cinematography: Sai Sri Ram
Editing: Tammiraju
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Producer: Sirish
Director: Anil Ravipudi
Released on: 27th May 2022

'F3', the sequel of the most acclaimed comedy film 'F2' has seen the light today. The trailer and the songs from this film pulled the attention. The pre-release events made enough noise to turn the heads of the audience.

Let us see what is in it. 

The owner of JK Group of Companies (Murali Sharma) is a rich industrialist from Vijayanagaram. He knows the value of money and respects it. He misses his son and spends time seeing his childhood photograph. He shares his wish to see his son coming back to him, to the people around him.

On the other hand a frustrated man (Venkatesh) keeps on becoming a fool by giving loans to the family of Manga Tiffin Center (Tamanna and Co). Raghu Babu is his sidekick.  

Another young man (Varun Tej) aims at marrying a rich girl (Mehreen) and falls in her trap. 

Then the story runs into many twists and turns with multiple characters coming into picture. 

Who is the son of Vijayanagaram industrialist? Will he come back? That forms the climax. 

Artistes' Performance:
Venkatesh looked energetic and hilarious. His trademark comedy with sharp dialogue delivery worked well. He has shown his agility in matching his pace equally with the young actors. But his night blindness element is not used properly. 

Varun Tej could bring in some laughs with his stammering act. He is not as effective as in F2.

Tamanna was arrested for her glamor. She is surely one of the main elements in the success of F2 as well. The X factor of Tamannah is rightly utilized. 

Mehreen is glamorous and the other special attractions are Sonal in a short role and Pooja hegde in a special number. 

Murali Sharma is composed. The Satya and Sampath track is interesting but didn't last longer. 

On the whole, we see many characters from F2 but everyone has a different role which has got no connection to the prequel at all. 

Technical Expertise:
Camera work is impressive, editing is sharp enough and the music is ok. 'Dabbu' song is interesting but some lyrics are not heard clearly due to cacophony in orchestration and mixing.  

Woo Aa Aha Aha song is a visual spectacle with glamor masala.  

The script writing is completely intended to do a farce comedy and so it proves illogical to think about logic in any part. 

Artistes' performances
Comedy track 
Glamor dose

Overdose of unbelievability 
Too many liberties

This is a film made with the comedy generated by illogical scenes on the lines of typical EVV comedies like 'Evadi Gola Vaadidi' coated with some incredible scenes from the films like 'Kobbari Matta'. 

We tend to recall some yesteryears' films while passing through some scenes and tracks. 

The introduction of Mehreen reminds us of the Pakeeza track from 'Assembly Rowdy'. The 'return of sons' scene resembles the famous track from Chirajeevi's 'Chantabbai'.

Though the idea of the tracks hold some resemblance with the old films, the treatment and progress is completely written originally. 

Though promoted as a sequel to F2, the story of the relations among the characters comprises no continuity. Everything is fresh and the characters are different. 

Though the comedy should be enjoyed keeping the logic aside, at times the scenes where the characters are not hurt in spite of digging the knives into bellies are something over the board. The unbelievable aspect in such scenes puts down the entertainment factor. 

While F2 was managed with two glamorous heroines, the director doubled the impact with four beauties this time. Though Sonal Chouhan's character is small, she showcased her beauty in a duet with Tamannah. Pooja Hegde shines in a special number. 

The climax fight with the dialogues related to OTT platforms reminds us of EVV and is dealt with a hilarious note by Anil Ravipudi. 

The target audience for this film are surely the families that made F2 a huge hit. It will be like watching a circus show with clowning acts of some characters and a visual feast of glam dolls. The unbelievability factors and some over the board tracks may put down some audience. 

To conclude with an analogy, director Anil Ravipudi jumped from a height of ten feet with F2 and the audience received showering collections. With over enthusiasm, this time he jumped from 25 feet. It takes time to understand if he breaks the legs of the film or makes the collections more than or on par with that of F2. 

Bottom-line: As Expected


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