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Latest Survey: BJP To Give Shock In Telangana

Latest Survey: BJP To Give Shock In Telangana

As per the latest survey reports, BJP is poised to give a surprise to the entire nation by definitely winning 10 Lok Sabha seats in Telangana and possibly securing 3 more with a neck-and-neck fight.

Out of the total 17 Lok Sabha seats, BRS is projected to score a perfect 'zero' this time as per the ground reports.

On the other hand, Congress has a chance of a definite win in 3 seats and a neck-and-neck fight in another 3 with BJP. 

MIM is projected to win its single seat as usual, according to the latest ground reports. 

If this is the kind of performance BJP delivers in reality, then more than 400 NDA seats may come to light, as per the surveyors.


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