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KTR- From Visionary Image To Trollable Subject

KTR- From Visionary Image To Trollable Subject

Until three months ago, KTR was considered a wonderful politician, an omnipotent leader, and an omniscient visionary. But with the party's defeat and loss of power in the state, he is now appearing like a laughing stock due to the phone-tapping allegations against him and the counters he is giving in his speeches. 

There are no people to support him at his house, and there are no candidates ready to take up the ticket for his party to contest in LS elections.

Yet, he still seems to perceive himself as a powerful leader and delivers lines by provoking Revanth Reddy. 

In a recent meeting, he challenged Revanth Reddy if he could arrest him and put him inside. This kind of rhetoric doesn't work at this juncture; people don't see him as a hero with such lines; rather, they laugh at it.

The point to be underlined is that there is no sympathy or support coming from the people as they did during the Telangana movement times. Gone are those days, which KTR should realize. 

He should acknowledge that their family received huge support during the Telangana movement, and the statehood happened with the decision of Congress. That way, the credit for separate Telangana can only be attributed 50% to BRS. However, after that, the BRS family failed to hold the support of the people. Had it been there, they would have lost the election so badly to Congress or at least would have garnered support from the public when arrests are happening in their family. 

Now, the people are laughing and getting entertained with trolls and memes towards Kavita's arrest and KTR's speeches but are not showing even an iota of sympathy.

KTR should speak according to the situation and shouldn't worsen his situation. 

-Usha Chowdhary


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