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KCR's Acts Ending Up As Comedy Show

KCR's Acts Ending Up As Comedy Show

There is a Telugu saying, "Chetulu Kalaaka aakulu pattukunnattu," which suggests the futility of using leaves or any insulation after the hands are already burnt.

Similarly, KCR, who didn't engage with his voters or allow meetings with own party leaders at Pragathi Bhavan before the elections, has now opened his doors wide to welcome people to console him.

After losing power, KCR's choice of wearing a pink shawl, resembling a distressed actor from 1980s films, and posing with supporters is inviting mockery rather than sympathy.

Yes, such actions are perceived as comedy rather than garnering sympathy.

If KCR had spent time connecting with people before the elections, this situation might not have arisen. A significant portion of rural voters voted against BRS due to the lack of a personal touch with their MLAs and top leaders in their constituencies.

KCR's approach seems to assume a monarchical role in a democratic setup. While such an approach may work while in power, the philosophy of defeat and the harsh reality of democracy become evident only after losing power.

This serves as a valuable lesson for politicians and party leaders across states.

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