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KCR Forgot His Promise For Farmers?

KCR Forgot His Promise For Farmers?

It has been almost two months since TRS president and CM KCR announced that the state government would soon come out with a new special scheme for farmers in Telangana that would leave the entire nation in a state of surprise.

On May 29, after inaugurating the Konda Pochamma reservoir in Siddipet district, the chief minister told the reporters that the new scheme for farmers would be announced within a week.

He did not disclose any details of the scheme, but said he wanted to keep it as a suspense.

“The groundwork for implementing the scheme is underway. It will be a surprise for the country and would be a role model for the other states, as was the case with Rythu Bandhu,” he declared.

But even after two months, there has been no such announcement from the chief minister.

“Where is the good news he talked about at the time of inauguration of Konda Pochamma reservoir? The chief minister boasted that he would make the entire world look up to Telangana with awe. What happened now?” Congress MP from Bhongir Komatireddy Venkat Reddy asked.

He said by the grace of god, there are good rains this monsoon and the farmers are happily into cultivation.

“They are still waiting what good news the chief minister will announce. At least now, please come out with your scheme and help the farmers,” Reddy told the chief minister.

The Congress MP wondered whether this was also one of those fake promises made by KCR in the past like making of a Dalit as the chief minister, completion of double bedroom houses, distribution of three acres of land to Dalits and Adivasis and waiver of Rs 1 lakh crop loans at one go.

“If you make a promise as the chief minister, you should fulfil them. Why do you conveniently forget your own promise? Is it yet another bogus scheme?” Komatireddy asked.

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