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Hyd Woman's Death in Australia Sparks Mystery

Hyd Woman's Death in Australia Sparks Mystery

A young woman from Hyderabad, who had been living with her family in Australia, has been found murdered, according to reports.

The body of Chaitanya Madhagani alias Swetha was found in a bin on the side of a deserted road in Buckley, west of Geelong in Victoria on Saturday.

Swetha, along with her husband Ashok Raj Varikuppala, had settled in Point Cook, Australia, where they lived with their young son after becoming Australian citizens.

Local police suspect that the two parties involved are known to one another, and the offender may have fled overseas. Police established a second crime scene at a residential address on Mirka Way, Point Cook in southwestern Melbourne.

They suspect that the woman was murdered at home and her body was dumped in a bin some 82 km away.

Sources allege that Ashok is the prime suspect and fled to India with their son after confessing the crime to Swetha's parents. 

Despite their devastation, Swetha's parents are hesitant to pursue legal action against Ashok, primarily due to concern for their grandchild. They acknowledge that the crime occurred in Australia and intend to defer to local authorities for justice.

The investigation remains ongoing, with law enforcement scrutinizing both the location where Swetha's body was found and the couple's residence in Point Cook.

As international attention focuses on this tragic event, the quest for answers continues across borders.


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