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Hyd woman stages husband's murder as heart attack

Hyd woman stages husband's murder as heart attack

A 33-year-old woman allegedly plotted the murder of her husband with her paramour, disguising it as a heart attack in Yellareddyguda.

The incident came to light on Wednesday, May 15, when one of the accused surrendered to the Madhura Nagar police three months later.

The accused have been identified as Srilakshmi, 33, and Rajesh, 30, from Borabonda. Two other accused, history-sheeters Rajeshwar and Babban, were also involved.

Srilakshmi and Rajesh were involved in an extramarital affair. Wanting to live together and sell their properties in Medchal and Yellareddyguda, they saw Vijaykumar as a threat and orchestrated a plan to murder him.

Initially, Srilakshmi lived with her husband in an old house he owned. Claiming that the layout of the house was unfavorable, Srilakshmi convinced Vijaykumar to move to a rented flat nearby.

According to the accused, Rajesh hired Patolla Rajeshwar Reddy and MD Mehtab Ali, alias Babban, known rowdy-sheeters from Borabanda, to execute the murder. On the morning of February 1, Vijaykumar left to take their two sons to school. During his absence, Rajesh, Rajeshwar Reddy, and Babban secretly entered the house and hid in the bathroom.

When Vijaykumar returned, Srilakshmi locked the door from inside and allowed the three assailants to come out of the bathroom. They attacked Vijaykumar, hitting him on the head with dumbbells and strangling him to death. They subsequently dumped his body in the bathroom.

To conceal the murder, Srilakshmi claimed Vijaykumar had died from a heart attack and that the head injury was sustained in the bathroom. She arranged his cremation to avoid suspicion.

The truth came to light when Rajeshwar Reddy, burdened by guilt, surrendered to the police on Wednesday night. Following his confession, Srilakshmi, Rajesh, and Babban were arrested.

The police have registered a case under Sections 302 (punishment for murder) and 201 (causing disappearance of evidence of offense, or giving false information for murder and withholding evidence) of the Indian Penal Code.


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