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Has the downfall of KCR and TRS has begun?

Has the downfall of KCR and TRS has begun?

Politics are dynamic. They never remain the same. They keep on changing with time. Till yesterday, no one believed or dreamt of TRS losing all the seats it contested in Telangana.

But it turned out to be a reality yesterday with all the three TRS candidates losing MLC polls to Opposition parties.

What is even worse is TRS candidates were relegated to third place proving that they could not even put up a good fight despite coming from a ruling party and the defeat came a time when Lok Sabha polls in Telangana are barely two weeks away.

This poll debacle has raised a big question, "Has the downfall of KCR and TRS has begun in Telangana?"

TRS received three jolts on a single day on Tuesday (yesterday) raising debate whether the 'bad time' for KCR and TRS has started in Telangana.

The first shocker was High Court issuing notices to KCR in a case pertaining to filing of false election affidavit in the recent Assembly polls.

The second shocker was over 200 farmers in Nizamabad district refusing to withdraw their nomination to contest LS polls against KCR's daughter Kavitha to protest the failure of KCR in ensuing MSP (minimum support price) for red jowar and turmeric.

The Election Commission (EC)  is now mulling to postpone Nizamabad LS election as it will be difficult to make arrangements to hold election in ballot paper method as elections cannot be held with EVMs for such a big number of candidates. 

Even printing of ballot papers for such a large number of candidates will take time. EC is expected to take a decision on holding Nizamabad LS election on April 11 or not on March 28.

If EC postpones elections, it will be a big blow to TRS as Opposition parties will join hands to give a tough fight to Kavitha and defeat her.

The third shocker was TRS losing all the three MLC seats it contested.

When bad time begins, everything will go wrong and this is what the TRS is now facing now, say political analysts.

If the same situation continues for next two weeks, TRS may face its most humiliating defeat in LS polls by confining to victory in single digit seats.

If that happens, it will clearly indicate that the 'downfall of KCR and TRS has indeed begun in Telangana'.

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