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ePaper: Chandrababu's Dreams With Political Weakness

ePaper: Chandrababu's Dreams With Political Weakness

It is the tendency of the weak person to dream for the downfall of the opponent with the attack of someone else, as nothing can be done by him. 

Now Chandrababu seems to be in the same mood. His so called 40 years political experience is not helping him in any way to fight with YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. 

This week's issue of greatandhra tabloid runs an exclusive story on this phenomenon. The tabloid also covers:

- Donald Slump
- Sabbam Hari, A Street Rowdy
- Wonder in the matter of Corona
- Changing mindset of girls in marriage
- Audience on missing theatre experience
- Tough time with OTTs

and many more...

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