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Election Special: BRS Turning The Tide

Election Special: BRS Turning The Tide

The exodus of second rung leaders from Congress and BJP is turning the tide in favour of ruling BRS in Telangana.

While the euphoria surrounded Congress party is fading fast, the BRS which struggled initially with some anti-incumbency factor is now firing on full cylinders racing past all its political opponents.

The migration of leaders after the announcement of tickets proved two points. It has exposed the trust deficit factor being faced by the Congress party leadership.

On the other hand, it has also proved the point that the leaders cutting across party lines, reposed their faith on father son duo, KCR and KTR as men of their word.

Irrespective of the outcome of election result, KCR and KTR could build confidence among the second rung leadership that their future will be taken care of.

KCR, known for his unpredictable political strategies, once again proved his mettle by giving confidence to the dejected Congress and BJP leaders and taking them into party fold with his lightning-fast decision-making abilities.

The joining of Palvai Sravanthi of Munugodu and Tula Uma from Karimnagar not only boosted the morale of BRS but also exposed the two national parties that their high talk about women reservation is a shallow one when it comes to implementation.

Sravanthi contested on Congress party ticket against all odds in the recent by-polls after Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy deserted Congress party and joined BJP.

Sravanthi fought tooth and nail in the high decibel election for Congress party. However, when Rajagopal Reddy made a comeback, the Congress party deserted Sravanthi without a second thought and allotted him Munugodu seat.

As the Congress leadership could not even give her confidence that her sacrifice will be rewarded accordingly, she left the party with a feeling of dejection. At the same time, KCR offered her a helping hand giving confidence for her future.

Same is the case with senior BJP functionary Tula Uma, former ZP Chairman of Karimnagar. She was promised with Vemulawada ticket but unceremoniously removed from the list announced and given the B-form to Vikas Rao.

She was rejected the ticket on flimsy grounds citing her antecedents and complaints from other party workers. Both of them joined the BRS knowing fully well that they cannot contest this election.

While joining of Sravanthi and Uma had a great impact on women voters as there has been a sense of feeling that they were denied tickets only gender considerations, a huge migration of male leaders into BRS from Congress and BJP, changing the direction of winds across the state.

The joining of TDP Telangana wing president and a prominent face among BCs, Kasani Gnaneswar, P Vishnu son of mass leader from Hyderabad P Janardan Reddy, Rammohan Goud couple from L B Nagar, Sabhani Chandra Sekhar and several other leaders from combined Khammam district clearly indicating that the wave is turning towards BRS.

All the leaders who have joined BRS in last one week are considered as ground level leaders having strong relationship with people from many years. They are the perception builders and often considered as gauges of mood of people.

Though the Congress party was jubilant with a belief that it can repeat Karnataka feat in Telangana, the latest happenings indicating that it is failing to keep its house in order.


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