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Are TRS, BJP fighting a 'fake political battle'?

Are TRS, BJP fighting a 'fake political battle'?

TRS and BJP were always considered as 'secret friends' during the past five years.

However, this opinion started changing after recent Lok Sabha results in which BJP trounced TRS in four Lok Sabha seats and more importantly after defeating KCR's daughter Kavitha and KCR's close aide Vinod Kumar in Nizamabad and Karimnagar Lok Sabha seats.

After Lok Sabha results, the BJP stepped up attack against KCR and TRS and trying to project itself as alternative to TRS in 2023 Assembly polls.

TRS too is not sparing BJP and coming down heavily on all the BJP leaders starting from Narendra Modi, Amit Shah to Kishan Reddy, K Laxman.

However, all this seem to be a 'fake political battle' between TRS and BJP with an hidden agenda of eliminating Congress from the political landscape of Telangana.

This argument gained credence after Telangana new governor Tamilisai Soundararajan heaped praises on KCR and TRS government.

BJP leaders claimed that Soundararajan was deputed by Modi and Amit Shah with the prime purpose of troubling KCR and TRS government and help BJP to grow in Telangana.

But within 24 hours of assuming charge as Governor, she issued a public statement praising KCR for Kaleshwaram project, Mission Bhagiratha and his welfare schemes of Rythu Bandhu, KCR Kits, Kalyana Laxmi etc.

She went on to say that KCR and TRS governments have become role models for the entire country.

Her statements naturally have given rise to suspicion that TRS and BJP still continue to maintain 'secret ties' and there is a hidden agenda to eliminate Congress, which still remains the major political force in TS after TRS.

Both parties are trying to create an impression among people that only TRS and BJP exist in Telangana and Congress has vanished and to achieve their goal both the parties are fighting a fake political battle.

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