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TDP Coterie Benefits From Assigned Lands Sale

TDP Coterie Benefits From Assigned Lands Sale

Hyderabad: Taking strong objection to the proposal of TDP Government to regularize assigned lands by amending the Act to benefit its party leaders who had usurped the lands by backdoor.

"The assigned lands fell into the hands of TDP leaders while the dalits and other weaker sections were alienated from their land. The state is planning to amend the Act allowing the sale of assigned lands which is unprecedented and we demand the government to shun from such activities," party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told reporters here on Thursday.

Chief Minister giving clear hint that the assigned land can be put on sale will open a new chapter of alienation of land from the dalits and weaker sections.

The actual beneficiaries, when the Act is amended and the assigned lands are put up for sale, would be TDP leaders and workers who have acquired the land by unethical manner, she said.

The fertile assigned land in the capital area region is in great demand and the TDP leaders have managed to take advantage and turn into actual beneficiaries.

When the Act would be amended it would be the TDP leaders who would be benefitted and not the actual assignees of the land.

The assigned lands were transferred in the names of TDP leaders before the Chief Minister dropped strong hints of amending the Act to enable the title holders to sell the lands. This would send a bad precedent and there is every danger of this unscrupulous practice being spread to all districts of the state.

Nearly 1800 acres of assigned land was estimated to be transferred to the Chief Minister’s coterie and his favoured leaders who are all set to mint money if the sale of assigned land is permitted. First the actual beneficiaries names should be announced along with the names of those to whom the land was assigned, she said.

"The proposal to amend the Act itself is very unfair and the weaker sections being cheated cannot be tolerated. We will fight it out," she said.



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