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Indian student deportations - Guidelines - Dr. Prasad Thotakura

There is a lot of interest among Indian students to come to USA for higher education on F-1 Student Visa.

The demand for F-1 Student visa is ever growing and more than 100,000 students are entering USA every year to further their education successfully.

Recently, some students have been deported from US airports denying entry to USA. Why is this happening to only a few especially Telugu students when thousands of other students are entering USA successfully, landing in many reputed US Universities and expanding their horizons?

The question is have these deported students followed the same guidelines as others who entered USA successfully?

The most important thing for students is to make sure that their selected University is accredited and also their intended program in that particular university.

If students follow some guidelines, they can avoid a lot of frustrations and encounters at US airports.

Please click here for F -1 Student Visa Guidelines.



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