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Opinion: Why YCP Is So Lenient On RRR?

Opinion: Why YCP Is So Lenient On RRR?

Raghu Rama Raju, the rebel YCP MP, has persistently verbally targeted various members of the current Andhra Pradesh government on multiple occasions.

Today, in response to CBN's arrest, he used derogatory language, addressing government advisors, police, ministers, and officers as "Donga N* Ko**" and "Chetta N* Ko**". 

He also showed disrespect to certain officers holding constitutional positions and indirectly mocked the judges, earlier in the same episode. 

Raju even challenged anyone with the courage to file defamation suits against him. 

Despite being a YCP MP, RRR's loyalty seems to lie solely with Chandrababu Naidu rather than Jagan Mohan Reddy. Even after being arrested previously on sedition case, he has not altered his behavior or daily routine.

While the court granted him bail on the condition that he avoids discussing his case, Raju has continuously referenced it, citing a perceived threat from the same individuals currently dealing with CBN. 

He has drawn parallels between his arrest and that of CBN, alleging an attempt on his life during his time in jail with a tablet. This raises questions about whether he has breached his bail conditions, potentially necessitating an explanation or even arrest.

The leniency displayed by Jagan Mohan Reddy's government is raising eyebrows. 

Raju claimed to have had breakfast and lunch with CBN during the latter's visit to Delhi for NTR's Coin release event. According to him, during this encounter, he learned that CBN weighed 72 kg. 

Raju alleges that the jail authorities falsely stated that CBN had gained one kg, going from 66 to 67 kg, whereas he himself purportedly lost 5 kg, dropping from 72 to 67 kg. 

However, Raju overlooks the fact that jail authorities typically record an inmate's weight upon admission. Furthermore, CBN's weight was measured as 66, not based on his weight during the meal with Raju in Delhi. Raju's statements appear baseless and nonsensical.

Additionally, he mentioned Jagan Mohan Reddy's alleged facilities during his time in Chanchalguda jail, repeatedly emphasizing the phrase "leni soukaryam ledu". He insists that his intended meaning should be evident to anyone, although his abstract statement remains ambiguous and open to interpretation.

The insensitivity of the YCP government towards Raju's verbal attacks on officials and advisors, as well as their inaction against TDP leaders' verbal assaults on Minister Roja's character, is notable. It appears that the party refrains from taking action without explicit directives from Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Comparisons with an incident during Chandrababu's tenure as CM, where a netizen was imprisoned for two months for posting derogatory remarks about a minister, underscore the current administration's lack of similar swift action. 

Observing all this, it should be concluded that Jagan's party and the government is so merciful like the Almighty. But the opponents brand it differently which seems to be not true!

Madhunandan Akkishetty


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