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Opinion: Indians Face Troubles With Tongue Slips In India

Opinion: Indians Face Troubles With Tongue Slips In India

One should be careful in speech as the butterfly works instantly. Criticizing the sentiments of a religion can easily trigger troubles for Indians living in different countries across the world.

Freshly BJP leaders Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal criticized Prophet Muhammad with their speech and tweets which created chaos for Indians living in the gulf countries.

The shopkeepers in Kuwait removed the Indian products from their stores. Qatar demanded an official apology before things got worse. The Muslims living across the world started seeing Indians as the haters of their religion.

The Indian politicians may feel that they talk some nonsense to pull the media attention. But in the process they are putting the lives and peace of thousands of Indians living abroad in trouble.

Shocking thing is that 57 Muslim countries demanded an apology from India and also complained to UNO with regard to the safety and security of Muslims in India. There are about 87 lakh Indians living in Gulf countries. Majority of them are labor who hardly follow politics. Their hard earned money of approximately Rs 6.76 lakh Cr is coming to India every year.

The unwise talk of a few politicians from the ruling party is creating chaos in the lives of these hard working Indians across the globe. It is time for Indian politicians to mend their ways.

Kiran Sharma

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