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Opinion: Dil Raju Vs Golden Duck Egg Story

Opinion: Dil Raju Vs Golden Duck Egg Story

Dil Raju's latest publicity video of 'F3' featuring Anil Ravipudi and actress Sunayana exposed the reality and the woes of filmmakers.

It is known that the producer cum distributors like Dil Raju are behind the strong wish to increase the film ticket prices in both AP and Telangana State a few months ago.

Though Telangana State agreed to their wish initially, AP took time and finally obliged the request hinting a warning that it may show detrimental effect on the industry in the long run.

But the film industry people couldn't understand the time taken by the AP government in a positive way.

They lamented as if the government is thwarting the neck of the film industry by not allowing to raise the ticket prices. Many talked sarcastically that the price of tea is more than the ticket price and that is enough to kill the film industry.

Finally the permissions were given and the big ticket films spread their wings and took the pierces to higher skies. This resulted in the drastic downfall of footfalls at theaters.

When this happened to the small films at first, the bigwigs in the industry didn't care two hoots. They thought that the impact wouldn't be the same for them. But surprisingly with the harsh blow eaten by Acharya and Sarkaru Vaari Paata, the philosophy is understood.

There is a popular story which is popular worldwide- The Golden Duck Egg. The moral of the story is that the golden egg should be enjoyed as and when the duck gives but the duck shouldn't be killed greedily assuming that all eggs can be extracted at one go.

Dil Raju seems to have understood the moral of this story practically. Hence he stooped down (sorry, stepped down) to say that the ticket prices are not going to be hiked for 'F3' but going to be screened at the prices fixed by the government.

Here, one thing is clear. Dil Raju understood that the targeted family audience wouldn't step into the theatres of F3 if the ticket prices were increased.

At the same time, he is assuming that they would gush into the theatres if publicized that the ticket prices are normal. He has to wait and see to know the actual result.

As of now, the middle class family audience are in a mood to watch the films on TV or OTT in leisure but not getting tempted to watch in the first three days irrespective of talk. If the talk is bad, then they don't even think about the film.

The greed of heroes, producers and distributors distanced the middle class family audience from the theatres. Now they are doing repair work and ending up as laughing stock.

Why to request for hiking up the ticket prices? And why to release Ads stating that so and so film is going to be screened at original prices. So funny!


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