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'Vizag, Torn Apart by Hudhud, Will Have to be Entirely Rebuilt'

'Vizag, Torn Apart by Hudhud, Will Have to be Entirely Rebuilt'

VISAKHAPATNAM: Vizag needs to be entirely rebuilt, said a senior official of the National Disaster Relief Force or NDRF on Monday, a day after Cyclone Hudhud slammed into the Andhra Pradesh coast with wind speeds touching 200 kmph, bringing heavy rain and tearing down the port city. While Vizag bore the major brunt of the cyclone, seven people have died in state and neighbouring Odisha.

As assessment of damage caused by the cyclone begins, S S Guleria, Deputy Inspector General of NDRF, estimated that about 70 to 80 per cent of Vishakhapatnam or Vizag were destroyed. Many people have lost their homes and so cyclone relief centres will continue to run for now.

National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams with personnel from various government departments began clearing felled trees, electricity and communication poles and hoardings from roads.

While precautionary measures helped in minimising the loss of human lives, the cyclone disrupted electricity and communication networks, paralysed transport and damaged over thousands of acres of crops.

Visakhapatnam, also known as Vizag, bore the brunt of Hudhud, which hit its coast at 185 kmph. Hundreds of vehicles parked on roads were damaged while heavy rains inundated few colonies.

Airport, railways and bus stations were also hit in Vizag, which remained without electricity for the second consecutive day. With the collapse of the communication networks, mobile phones are non-functional here.



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