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Shocked to See Crops Destroyed by Cyclone, Andhra Farmer Dies on Field

Shocked to See Crops Destroyed by Cyclone, Andhra Farmer Dies on Field

Unable to bear the sight of flooded crops, a groundnut farmers in Andhra Pradesh collapsed on his field.

Terming it a "natural death", the revenue officials said that the deceased's kin were not eligible even for compensation.

The incident occurred on Tuesday when 70-year-old Gottipalli Chinnavadu went to clear the excess water gathered in the field due to heavy downpour caused by Cyclone Phethai.

However, Chinnavadu was unable to bear the shock of his crops completely submerged in water and suffered a heart attack.

The local residents of Meliyaputti mandal's Kosamala village demanded a compensation and post-mortem of the farmer. But the revenue officials said the next of kin of the crop grower were not eligible for compensation as it was a natural death.

The officials also rejected the villagers’ plea for a post mortem examination on the ground that it was not necessary for an aged person.

According to a report in The Hindu, the officials took the issue to the notice of Joint Collector K V N Chakradhar Babu as the villagers insisted on payment of compensation.

The Joint Collector reportedly sought the suggestion of the Chief Minister's Office in this regard as it was an unique case. A detailed report would be sent to the CMO on Wednesday.


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