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Party Manifesto Taken Off TDP Website?

Party Manifesto Taken Off TDP Website?

AP PCC chief Raghuveera Reddy has brought up an interesting point. 

He has disclosed that the party’s election manifesto and issues related to loan waivers have been deleted from TDP’s official website. 

It is rather intriguing as a party’s manifesto is considered to be its Bible or Bhagavad Gita. 

It is a party’s responsibility to fulfill the promises mentioned in the manifesto. 

Now, it is up to Telugu Desam Party to clarify if the manifesto has gone missing due to a technical glitch or if they have willfully removed it. 

If the second reason holds good, then will the people keep quiet just because it is no longer mentioned on their website? And wouldn’t Raghuveera Reddy and other opposition leaders have copies of TDP’s pre-poll manifesto?

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