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Rajinikanth not to contest Tamil Nadu Assembly bypolls

Rajinikanth not to contest Tamil Nadu Assembly bypolls

CHENNAI: Nearly a month after declaring that his target is only the Assembly election, Tamil film ‘superstar’ Rajinikanth has said he will not contest the by-poll to the Assembly constituencies in the state, which would be held simultaneously with the Lok Sabha election on April 18.

“Sorry, I cannot say anything now,” he shot back when asked which party would he support in the by-polls.

Speaking to reporters at the airport here on Sunday, Mr. Rajinikanth replied in the negative when asked if he would fight the by-poll as he had declared the Assembly polls to be his only target.

The 'superstar' had said on February 17 said that he would not be contesting in the Lok Sabha elections and also made it clear he would not extend support to any political party.

The statement issued by the launch vehicle of Rajinikanth's political party - Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM) - said its aim is to contest in the State assembly elections. But his announcement on Sunday has surprised many.

The actor had also strictly waned against using his photo or symbol of his fans' association club for any propaganda activity.

"My photo or party symbol should strictly not be used for any propoganda. The biggest problem in Tamil Nadu is water scarcity. The party which promises the best policies, which will resolve the water crisis permanently in the State, should be the one the people should vote for," he had said in the statement. Asked if he had meant a national or a regional party when he had advised the people on the water crisis, he said, "both."


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