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Grandfather Of Pune Teen, Who Ran Over 2 With Porsche, Arrested

Grandfather Of Pune Teen, Who Ran Over 2 With Porsche, Arrested

The grandfather of a Pune teenager, who ran over two 24-year-old techies in a late-night drunken dash in a Porsche, has been arrested after the family's driver alleged wrongful confinement, threats, and being forced to take the blame for the accident, according to police sources.

He faces charges under IPC sections related to kidnapping and wrongful confinement, the sources added.

Pune Police stated that efforts were made to coerce the driver into taking the blame minutes after the accident.

Following the incident, the grandfather allegedly locked up the driver, demanding he take responsibility as the family tried to protect the minor, sources said. He also promised that the family would ensure the driver’s release, the sources added.

"The teen's grandfather and father allegedly took the driver's phone and confined him in their bungalow from May 19 to May 20. The driver was eventually freed by his wife," said an official from the crime branch, which is investigating the case.

Two engineers, Ashwini Kostha and Anish Awadhiya, were on their bike when the Porsche, traveling at 200 km per hour, struck them from behind, killing them instantly.

Police have stated the 17-year-old driver, son of a prominent Pune realtor, was heavily drunk at the time of the accident.

He was granted bail within 15 hours of the incident under conditions seen as lenient: writing a 300-word essay on road accidents, working with traffic cops for 15 days, and seeking counseling for his drinking habit.

Following nationwide outrage, the Juvenile Justice Board revised the order, sending him to an observation home until a police plea to try him as an adult is decided.

The boy's father and staff from two bars the teenager visited that night were also arrested under relevant sections of the Juvenile Justice Act.


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