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YS Sharmila's Son Marrying A USA Girl

YS Sharmila's Son Marrying A USA Girl

In the realm of Andhra Pradesh politics, the Reddy and Kamma communities emerge as rivals due to their significant influence within the YSRCP and TDP, respectively. Against this backdrop, here is an interesting piece of news.

Raja Reddy, the son of YS Sharmila, is soon to marry Priya Atluri. This union marks an intercaste marriage, bridging the Reddy and Kamma communities.

The couple, who have been in love for the past four years in the USA, are set to tie the knot. 

It is noteworthy that Sharmila's own marriage to Anil is also an intercaste alliance, uniting Reddy and Brahmin backgrounds. 

Sources reveal that Raja and Priya have shared a deep connection for the past four years and became acquainted as church mates after Raja moved to the USA for his studies.

Additionally, inside sources confirm that Priya Atluri is a US citizen.


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