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Will TDP admit sacked YSRC leader Gowtham?

The explosive comments made by YSR Congress party leader P Gowtham Reddy supporting the killing of Kapu leader Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga Rao triggered an uproar in political circles, leading to his suspension from the YSRC.

But what makes one wonder is why Gowtham had to make such inflammatory comments, despite knowing that they would lead to serious law and order issues.

Ranga’s son Vangaveeti Radha and his followers threatened Gowtham with dire consequences if the latter did not take back his comments.

“If you do not stop making such comments on my father, his supporters would not keep quiet,” he warned Gowtham.

With the suspension of Gowtham from the YSRC, it was obvious that he is looking for an alternative platform to sustain his political career.

He was originally from the Communist background and the Communists were bitter opponents of Ranga. But finally, Gowtham joined the Congress party and then to the YSR Congress party.

After seeing the way the police had given a lot of protection to Gowtham from the Ranga followers and arrested Radha and Ratnakumari, there was a suspicion that he might join the TDP.

But one doubts whether the TDP leadership was interested in admitting Gowtham into the party, as it might lead to severe unrest among the Kapus, who are already up in arms against party president and chief minster N Channdrababu Naidu over Kapu reservation issue.

If Gowtham is admitted into the TDP, then Naidu would completely lose the support of Kapus, at a time when he is trying to woo them with Kapu Corporation and other pro-Kapu initiatives which he had launched to take on Mudragada Padmanbham.

So, just for the sake of one person who has no big clout in politics, Naidu may not take such a risk, say party sources.



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