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Will Sonia Ever Forgive KCR?

Will Sonia Ever Forgive KCR?

"If the Congress gives a separate Telangana, I will merge my Party with the Congress the very day," declared KCR during the T-agitation.

The public is well aware of what transpired next after Telangana became a reality.

When KCR went to Delhi for Narendra Modi’s swearing-in ceremony, Sonia Gandhi arrived and KCR stood up and greeted her.

Sonia did not even bother to glance in his direction although she acknowledged the other people seated there.

Today, KCR is mooting the idea of a federal front that will be anti-BJP/Congress.

He has even called on leaders like Mamata Banerjee and HD Deva Gowda to garner support for his idea.

However, there is a strong suspicion in political circles that this is just a ploy backed by the BJP to split the anti-incumbency votes in favour of the saffron Party.

And speaking to the media, KCR actually said the no-confidence motion moved by the TDP in Parliament was unnecessary and that the Party stood with the BJP.

When Mamata Banerjee called on Sonia and Rahul, KCR’s name reportedly came up for discussion and Sonia told Mamata to leave KCR completely out from their scheme of things.

The result has been that KCR did not get an invitation for Mamata’s federal front rally. This could easily mean the end of KCR’s aspirations at the national level unless of course, Sonia Gandhi reconciles herself to KCR’s betrayal.

As they say, there are no permanent friends or foes in politics. Will Sonia ever forgive KCR?

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